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Hi and welcome to Vacuum Sealer – the one stop shop for reviews, tips and buying advice for vacuum sealers and vacuum sealer bags

food saver vacuum sealer
We are putting together a steadily growing list of product reviews to help you make a better informed decision when buying a vacuum sealer.  

Our reviews are completely independent and will focus on a number of key criteria including price, portability, quality, reliability, product features and other customer comments/experiences to suit all budgets.  We will be including pictures and exclusive video footage of the vacuum sealer machines that we review to give you a much better idea of what you will get before you buy. 


So what are Vacuum Sealer Machines and Why use one?

Vacuum sealing, also known as vacuum packaging has many great benefits, including:

tickSave money by wasting less food
tickSave space by reducing the volume of items
tickAvoid insect infestation
tickKeep the natural moisture in food


There are a whole range of commercial and home-use vacuum sealers available to suit all budgets.  They share the basic principle of removing all the air from a container such as a vacuum pack bag or jar using a vacuum pump and then sealing the container to make it airtight.   

Check out our article on Vacuum Sealer Benefits for more information on how this can greatly reduce food waste and help save you money.


Vacuum Sealer Recommendations Under £50

Andrew James Vacuum Food Sealer
Andrew James Check Price


Vacuum Sealer Recommendations £100-£200

FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer
FoodSaver Check Price


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