Andrew James Vacuum Bags

Andrew James vacuum bags Check Price

Andrew James Vacuum Sealer bags: 50 bags 22cm wide x 30cm in length

For use with the range of Andrew James vacuum sealers, or other compatible vacuum sealers.  Vacuum or seal anything you like, from food to valuable and delicate items such as photos, documents and jewellery. Simply place the items inside the bag, then vacuum  and seal with your chosen vacuum sealer.

The pre-cut bags can be cut smaller if required. The vacuum bags are reusable, dishwasher, microwave and freezer safe. The bags keep food fresher for longer and also prevent freezer burn. The vacuumed food can be reheated by boiling right in the bag or in the microwave. Also suitable for sous vide cooking. The Andrew James sealer bags are the best quality channelled / embossed bags on the market today.

Complies with European food safety requirements.
andrew james vacuum sealer bags


Andrew James Vacuum bags – benefits

  • Keeps food fresher, longer
  • Prevents freezer burn
  • Also re-useable and dishwasher safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Withstands freezing, boiling and microwaving
  • Complies with European food safety requirement
  • Material: PE, PA composite
  • Thickness:0.14 to 0.20mm at the line side ; 0.09 to 0.12mm at the side without lines

The heavy-duty bags comply with worldwide test requirements including REACH, ROHS, LFGB, PAH free, FDA, lead free, Phthalate test.

andrew james vacuum bags

andrew james vacuum bags

Customer review of the Andrew James Vacuum Bags

“I have a freshshield vacuum packer, and was concerned that these bags would not be compatable and couldn’t find out from the machines manufacturer, whose bags I might add, were far more expensive. I ordered these hoping they would work, and they were, in my opinion equally as good as the ones that came with the machine,but much cheaper, the quality was the same in my opinion.  My only whinge, is that it would be great if they were made in more sizes….. please….. as I hate to use a big bag when one half the size, or width would do.”

“The 22x30cm sized Andrew James vacuum sealer bags are absolutely perfect for 90% of my home freezing needs. The filled bags fit easily in the freezer compartments and certainly handle 2- to 3-person portions. The construction of the bags is first rate and have worked well with the two different types of vacuum sealer I have used.”

“Using these vacuum sealer bags together with the vacuum bag sealer is saving me pounds > As a single person portions I buy are always too big so I can divide them up vacuum seal them then freeze. Easy, no mess and most important no waste”

Vacuum sealer bags – notes

1. Patented bag design with crossed air venting ribs on both side of the bags for maximum air extraction.

2. Safely store foodstuffs for months at a time without damage from moisture or air before they lose flavours or go off.

3. Protection against freezer burn spoilage and odour.

4. Prevent silver and jewellery from tarnishing.

5. Safe for use for food packaging application.

6. The bags and rolls are microwave safe, dishwasher safe and suitable for boiling and freezing.

7. Stored food can be reheated by boiling right in the bag or in the microwave.

Alternatively see this link to see how to make your own vacuum sealer bags

Andrew James vacuum bags Check Price

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