Buying Vacuum Sealer Machines

This page describes the main criteria we have used to review all of the vacuum sealers found on the website and are key things to look out for when buying vacuum sealer machines.

The lowest price deal that we have been able to find the product for from a reputable supplier.  We include a product link to include current prices when buying vacuum sealer units from online retailers.

Vacuum Sealers are used day in, day out by some people.  Others will use them on specific days, such as after fishing, hunting or camping users.  Other still will use them for only for certain periods of the year, such as when preparing for Christmas, parties, autumn harvesting and events when a large catering effort is expected.  As such the size, weight and general portability of a vacuum sealer can be an important consideration for those needing to move them in and out of kitchen cupboards or other storage areas.

Quality and reliability
Is the build quality robust?  Does the vacuum sealer look and behave as expected?  Our testing endeavours to be honest and thorough, listing any obvious design/build issues that may cause problems down the line

buying vacuum sealer

buying vacuum sealer

Functionality and Usability
Another important consideration when buying vacuum sealer units is to understand what features the machine may have.  For example, is it a one touch operation?  How wide is the sealing strip and therefore what size vacuum sealing bags/rolls may be used with it?  Is the vacuum sealer easy to maintain?

Are there any extras included with the machine, such as additional storage bags or jars. Perhaps there may be integrated accessories, such as a cutter for easy opening of vacuum packed bags after use?

Customer ratings
Possibly one of the most important factors when buying vacuum sealer machines is to consider the general feeling from other long term users of the device.  We will link to and list our latest understanding of customer ratings, including the number of reviews and average scores.


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