Does the FoodSaver vacuum sealer work

Question: I was just wondering if the FoodSaver vacuum sealer works?

Yes, it works great for frozen food. I freeze things on a cookie sheet and when they are frozen, place them in a bag and vacuum seal it. Works wonders when you buy a large bag of something like chicken tenders and you only want to use two or three pieces at a time. Great for any food that is solid. Great for frozen pieces of fish, bacon, etc. I even freeze meatballs or 1/2 pound ground beef portions, then vacuum seal them.

I have not used the vacuum seal canisters, but think if used properly they would work for cookies, etc.

You don’t have to buy the most expensive one to start with, but the bags are very costly for some reason. I did find a place on line ( that has small bags that work great and are way less expensive.

Vacuum sealers don’t work on soft goods, like bread, cookies, bagels, fresh fruit, or anything with liquid in it, etc.

But, they work best if the food is frozen first, then vacuum sealed.

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FoodSealer vacuum sealer money saving

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What Are the Best Foods to Save with My FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer?
I recently received a vacuum sealer as a wedding present and have no idea what to use it on other than meat. What can I freeze from the midwest summer bounty I am seeing at the farmer’s market?

I find I use my vacuum sealer on meats and cheese more often than anything else. You can definitely seal & freeze leafy greens and stalks if you blanch them first.

I use my vacuum sealer to make “instant meals”. I put soup, sauces, etc. in the bags. Its ok to boil the bags so I’ll take them out of the freezer. Drop them into boiling water. They heat up and I eat. Most things are still better fresh, but when I’m in a hurry or don’t feel like cooking its much better than junk food.

I like to freeze berries or cut up peaches on cookies sheets and then vacuum seal them and toss back in the freezer. That way thy aren’t stuck together so bad and it’s easier to use just a portion for making smoothies.

It is perfect for meat, fish however doesn’t always stand up well to the force of vacuum sealing. You can also seal up pre-made meals like lasagna, or casseroles. It is one of my favorite tools, and makes things last so much longer!

FoodSaver vacuum sealer Check Price

I like to make a few batches of falafel dough and vacuum seal it. When I decide I want it, I simply defrost in warm water for 20 minutes and bake it (about 30 min/side). It’s not fast in the sense that there is about an hour and a half from start to eat, but only about 10-15 minutes of that is active.

I love my FoodSaver vacuum sealer! Certain things need to be individually frozen first, though. Examples include sausages, bacon, and biscuits. Things stay fresher much longer when they’re vacuum sealed!

I use my FoodSaver vacuum sealer to freeze meats, poultry, when on sale and fish in portion sizes.
I also use it to freeze stock I make from poultry.
We mostly eat all cooked things as reheated leftovers and don’t freeze them
Most fruits and vegies will freeze well if properly prepped

I use my food saver bags for just meats that go into the freeezer. However I use the mason jar adapters far more than the bags. I buy dry food in bulk and vacuume pack the dog food in half gallon mason jars that I store in the pantry. I also vacuume pack in jars: rice, flax seeds and other grains. I use the smaller jars for herbs, salads and leftovers that go into the refrigerator.


I used to can tomato sauce but heating up the kitchen in the middle of summer to process everything wasn’t pleasant. Now I vac seal whole peeled tomatoes as well as quarts of sauce.

vacum sealing food

Hey just as a side point, these vacuum sealers are not only handy with food savings they also work for sealing emergency supplies. Batteries, matches, paperwork like family details, insurance details, photos.
They are also great for flannels, wipes etc, I find them better than zip lock bags.
But as to food storage, I bulk buy yeast and break down the large tubs to smaller portions and seal the smaller bags and store in deep freeze. I do coffee beans the same way, small use amounts so I don’t have to risk the beans I store in the freezer getting damp.

I make large batches of soups, sauces, and other prep stuff then portion into smaller bags and freeze. I also buy meat (beef chicken fish) in larger quantities, seperate them into family size portions and use the bags to freeze. A couple of notes, fish you need to freeze first, especially more delicate types, and no matter what you bag, make sure it is completly cooled (made that error with soup that was still warm because I was in a hurry). I love my vacuum sealer and it worked amazingly when I recently purchased a half a cow.

Do FoodSaver vacuum sealers help save money?

Has anyone used a FoodSaver vacuum sealer?
The sort of thing you see advertised on the shopping channels, where you put the food in a bag and put the end of the bag in the machine and it sucks all the air out and seals it.

They look really good and are supposed to prevent freezer burn and keep frozen food in better condition for longer, so it would be great for packing bulk buys or fruit & veg gluts for the freezer, and would revolutionise batch cooking, but I’m not sure if it’s worth the investment. Also I’m dubious about being able to get the bags and how much they will cost if they are available – I don’t want to be tied to re-ordering from QVC for life!
If anyone has any experience of one I’d love to hear it.

Foodsaver Vacuum Sealer?
The Foodsaver vacuum sealer comes in a variety of sizes and styles. The system works by placing the item in a bag, vacuuming out the air, and then sealing the bag with heat. These sealers are used to wrap foods and keep them fresh longer. The system prevents freezer burn, and air from getting in and spoiling foods. The foodsaver can be purchased at WalMart, Target, Kmart, Macy’s, Amazon, and eBay to name a few places. The price ranges from approximately £30.00 up to £200.00 depending on style and size.

Food Saver vacuum sealer Check Price

I Am Obsessed with Vacuum Sealing My Food
Vacuum sealing allows you to be more ambitious—not just as a chef but as a human being. It’s way easier to justify spending 12, 13, 14 hours cooking something when you know that the food you produce is going to last you for weeks and months to come. Part of cooking—if you really love to cook—is putting care into every single thing that you do. Tasting everything, timing everything, making sure your textures and seasoning are perfect. But the downside to that is that by the time you’re ready to eat, you’re fucking sick of everything you just made. But with vacuum sealer, you can make an absolutely perfect pot roast, stick 2/3 of it in the freezer, and then return to it two weeks later with a fresh palate.

Also also, we save one million bucks per day. We can buy food in bulk, cook it in bulk, and save it in bulk (that’s our actual freezer in the photo above—SO MUCH BEEF MEAT). We’ve cut our restaurant dining at least in half



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