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Surprisingly eBay is often overlooked by people looking to buy a new Food Vacuum Sealer or Vacuum Packing Supplies such as vacuum storage bags, rolls and jars.  eBay is a huge marketplace listing millions of items every single day, by thousands of different sellers.  What many people don't realise is that:

  • eBay sells brand new items too, not just used goods
  • eBay sells fixed price items (Buy it Now or BIN), not just auction goods

Why buy a Food Vacuum Sealer or Vacuum Packing Supplies from eBay

Food vacuum sealer machine on eBay Lower prices for the same items

eBay is a very competitive marketplace where many sellers compete against each other directly.  This is like having a store selling Tesco, Sainsbury and Asda baked beans sitting on a counter right next to each other and all having to compete by price.  To help sellers get an advantage over their competitors, eBay favours those sellers that sell more items and provide good service.  In eBay-speak, these are known as Top-Rated Sellers.

The reason that this is of any relevance when choosing a food vacuum sealer or vacuum packing supplies, is that in order to sell more items to gain the upper-hand, sellers will very often sell items at discounted or reduced prices for a period when compared to other shops.   For this reason alone it is worth a quick check to see how eBay prices compare to online retailers before buying new goods elsewhere.

vaccum sealer benefits Feedback and Reputation

eBay is built on a trusted rating system:  after buying a food vacuum sealer or vacuum packing supplies, buyers are able to rate the transaction in terms of quality of service, seller communications, postage and packing etc.  Poor ratings will reduce the prominence that a seller will get in eBay's search screens and so it is completely in a seller's interest to deliver quality products and deliver great customer service.  This encourages good feedback ratings from customers and so boosts their rating credentials.

When buying from an independent retailer there is little opportunity to check out the credentials of the retailer before buying unless you take time to conduct separate research.  That said, some larger retailers such as Amazon have their own in-built rating systems akin to eBay where you can rate both products and seller performance.

vacuum packing supplies Hidden Extras
It is common for sellers to provide additional incentives such as free shipping, multiple-item discounts and extended warranties within their listings - always read the full descriptive text to find out.Here are some direct links to see what kinds of items are selling on eBay right now:

Food Vacuum Sealer items on eBay currently:


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