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High quality vacuum sealer. Versatile with lots of features, modes and accessories. Use with bags, rolls and canisters. Stainless steel robust build. Flips up to conserve space. Highly recommended home-use machine.

Food Saver vacuum sealer Check Price

The FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer is a high quality vacuum pack machine suitable for use at home. It sells at around £119.95, is extremely versatile, being suitable for moist and dry food and ships with a range of extras. Can be used to keep meat, fish, fruit, veg and so on for easily 5 times longer than normal.

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Click on any of the images or the ‘Check Price’ button to view the current prices and customer reviews from the Amazon website. From here you can also buy an FoodSaver Vacuum Sealer with a few simple clicks.


Price 4/5
This vacuum pack machine is in a class of it’s own in the home-use market. Food Saver are a proven quality brand and this model is no exception. For the performance it gives, the Food Saver vacuum sealer is worth every penny.

Portability 4/5
At 40cm long, 30cm wide, and 4 Kg in weight, the Food Saver vacuum sealer is a robust piece of kitchen equipment but not too heavy to be moved around. As a space saving measure for kitchen counter use, this vacuum pack machine flips up 90 degrees.

Quality 5/5
Simply great quality. Food Saver are renowned for solid, reliable products. This vacuum pack machine features a stainless steel lid and stainless steel base.

Sealed bags and rolls remain sealed unlike lots of other less professional models available.

Usability 5/5
There are a whole range of useful features available with the FoodSaver vacuum sealer to make this one of the best available on the market.

Firstly it has 3 vacuum pumping speed settings – slow, medium and fast. In addition it has a pulse function which can be used to extract air in short bursts. This is great for repeatedly removing air surrounding soft fruit without causing bruising, for example.

Food Saver image

Food Saver Vacuum Sealer

The suction is extremely powerful, for example, it is possible to completely crush an empty can of coke with this Food Saver machine. But for delicate items such as cake decorations, it is possible to use manual mode to remove air at your own pace.

For other less delicate foods, simply press the Automatic vacuum and seal operation.

Also a Seal-only mode is provided for resealing packets such as crisps, biscuits, or even keeping loose parts, nuts & bolts etc. together.

Extras 5/5

  • The sealing strip is wider than the average vacuum pack machine.
  • Locking latch
  • Canister port and mode for sealing cans
  • Built-in vacuum roll storage
  • Bag/roll cutting mechanism
  • Progress Indicator lights
  • Dishwasher removable drip tray
  • Canister accessory hose
  • Vacuum bags, roll, canister (see below)

Food Saver vacuum sealer Check Price

Looking for the FoodSaver vacuum sealer manual? Click Here

In Summary we highly recommend the FoodSaver vacuum sealer as a high end, quality home-use sealing machine. It comes at a higher price tag than other home use vacuum pack machines but is worth every penny, given the quality of results, reliability and extra functions. Pulse mode, manual vacuum pumping and a wide sealing strip provide further capabilities above many in this price bracket.

Food Saver Tips: Perfect sized bags from rolls

  • Feed the start of the roll under the cutting blade and pull to the edge of the vacuum pack machine.
  • Shut the lid, lock and press the Seal button.
  • Open the Food Saver machine, pull the roll through until you have the size you want plus a little extra.
  • Slide the cutter left and right and you have a bag sealed on 3 sides ready for use.
Vacuum pack machine image

Where can I buy a FoodSaver vacuum sealer?

Simply either click here or any of the above pictures to take you directly to Amazon which are the most reliable vendors that we can currently find with reasonable prices for this vacuum pack machine.

The offer from Amazon also includes:

  • 3 x 0.94 litre bags
  • 3 x 3.78 litre bags
  • 1 x Food saver roll
  • 1 x Canister

Food Saver vacuum sealer Check Price

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